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Land Surveying Projects

Gardner & Peterson Associates, LLC performed field surveys to prepare a Property Survey Plan for two parcels containing 54.5 Acres in Willington, Connecticut. Services included the following:

  • Reasearch Town Hall Land Records
  • Recover Historical Property Boundary Markers
  • Locate Existing Boundary Markers
  • Locate Existing Road, Drainage, and Inland Wetlands Boundary
  • Determine Property Boundary from Existing Monumentation and Land Records
  • Prepare Survey Map


Gardner & Peterson Associates, LLC prepared a Subdivision Plan from the above Property Survey Plan to create 15 new building lots and two open space areas for the Town of Willington.  Services included the following:

  • Design Lots to Meet the Town Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Design Roadway Network to meet Town Standards
  • Design Drainage System for new Roadway Network (see Engineering Services)
  • Present Plan to Town Inland Wetlands Commission and Planning & Zoning Commission for Approvals
  • Construction Stakeout for Roadway and Drainage Construction and Lot Development

Once a new road is constructed, most Connecticut towns require an "As-Built" Survey be prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor before the road will be accepted.  Gardner & Peterson Associates, LLC prepared a plan called an "Improvment Location Survey - Record Drawing" depicting the public improvements constructed from the above Subdivision Plan.  Gardner & Peterson Associates, LLC collected information by means of fields survey to verify that the installed public improvements meet the Town construction standards. 


Prior to the installation of new utility service lines over private or public land, utility companies require an Easement Plan to be prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor and a deed recorded in the Land Records to provide the utility companies the rights to maintain the new service lines.  Gardner & Peterson Associates, LLC prepares said easement maps and drafts legal descriptions describing the location and area of the easement.


In most Connecticut municipalities, once a new house, building or building addition is constructed, a survey, prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor, is required to ensure the new improvements do not violate the local Zoning Regulations.  Surveyors at Gardner & Peterson Associates, LLC field locate the new improvements and prepare either a Zoning Location Survey or an Improvement Location Survey plan as deemed necessary.

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